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SmartBaits Fishing Lures


"Fish see color", said Smartbaits representative Michael Dingman "and the unique chemistry in Smartbaits lures imitate wounded bleeding prey fish changing color at different water temperatures and depths. Predator fish hone in on those colors of vulnerable or injured smaller fish and attack. Smartbaits incite that attack. In cold deep water or warm shallow water, just one Smartbaits lure will change colors from chartreuse to red or watermelon to june bug to attract more fish to strike."

Smartbaits is a fishing lure company with a unique revolutionary color changing technology offering an innovative solution to help anglers catch more fish. Using a patented color change technology that enables our fishing lures to change colors at different water temperatures.

When a Smartbaits lure is cast into the water and it moves through different temperature ranges it will change color, and this color change process is designed to alert fish that there is activity in the water Once the lure has fully changed color (a quick and continual process as the lure moves through different water temperatures) then it will appear to be wounded and bleeding and the fish will attack the lure.

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Fish Finder Mounting Systems

Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mounts

Not just for float tubes anymore


     Ok guy I wanted to take some time to share with you over at Float Tube Fanatics they have been hard at work on exspanding there Fish Finder Mounting system to fit more than just Float Tubes.  I must say this is a wise busniess move to say the least.  So what do they have to offer the fishing community now, a no drills hole in your boat Magnetic Fish Finder Mount.  Now you can take the same designed fish finder mount from FTF and place it on any boat that has a signle haul.  By taking a magnit to help mount the dranducer as well as a clamp for the battery box you can now simple and effectivley attach the Float Tube Fish Finder Mount System to any single haul aluminum.

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For more information and to order:

Call us toll free: 1-855-784-FISH


Teaching the next Gen

Teaching the Next Generation

We all meet up at about 8:30 am at a little after 9 we had 10 kids from the La Habra Summer camp show up eager to catch a fish. Well Flyfishingfool, GT, Casting Call and I got to work talking to the kids helping them to understand the sport of fishing. After a short talk we got the kids out on the water to practice casting. lesson was learned by myself spool all reals myself, don't use the the store bought rod and reels that come pre-spooled. So we had a lot of knotes to get out but we pushed on. Next set them up and do some bluegill fishing most of all kids caught fish and all had a lot of fun. So here are some pictures from GT of the day I will post some from my phone and my wifes. I would like to give a very big THANK YOU to Casting Call, GT and Flyfishingfool for all there help this never would have happened with out there help as well as everyone that donated to the cause.


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Rapid Release Showcase



I recently was fishing and with my second rod out as I was kicking throught the Harbor pitching into the docks when I got hit hard on my second rod.  With line screaming out I reached for my rod in the PVC rod holder was pinned in.  I tried to pull it out to set the hook but it would not come free as I struggled to get the rod out the line went limp and the fish of a life was gone. I am sure this is not an unfamilure story to most of us.  Well that issue has been solved for all of us fisherman, Rapid Release Fishing Rod Holders are here, do lose that fish of a life time every again. 

Float Tube Fishing Rod Holders

Our quick release fishing rod holders are the perfect fit for float tube fishing. Often times running with multiple rods and multiple baits our fishing rod holders allow you to increase your hook up rates with a simple easy to use system.

A unique two-piece hinged design lets the front half disengage when the rod comes in contact with the release lever. You set the hook and release the rod all in one motion. Setting the hook has never been this easy! Fiber infused resin provides for exceptional durability and multiple mounting options allow for seamless integration to your current fishing rig.rapid-release-fishing-rod-holders-300x182

Rapid Release Fishing Rod Holder Video

Float Tube Fanatics Showcase

Float Tube Fanatics
Universal Fish Finder Mounting Systems The universal fish finder mounting systems from Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com are amazingly innovative products. They have really come into the market place and filled a niche that was long overdue to be filled.  For many many years, since float tubes or belly boats started to come into the marketplace there was no really clear solutions available to easily help fisherman adapt a fish finder of their choice to their belly boats or pontoons. The team at Float Tube Fanatics has completely changed all of this with their true universal float tube mounting systems. These systems literally allow the fisherman to pretty much mount any popular fish finder of choice from Lowrance, Humminbird, Garmin & Raymarine to their float tubes. Their solutions not only allow a fisherman to literally choose from scores of fish finders on the market, and put them on their tube, but they also turn these fish finders that are traditionally engineered and designed to be permanently installed into boats into very compact – extremely portable fish finders. Taking your fish finder with you wherever you go has never been so easy, with the single strap mounting system from Float Tube Fanatics. The sport fisherman is no longer confined to the traditional portable models of fish finders because the Float Tube Fanatic’s mounts make virtually all fish finders portable.  “What I love about these fish finder mounts is that they operate on one single polypropylene strap making a difficult thing very simple and easy. Also their articulating transducer mount is ingenious in that it offsets any angle, so this is perfect for offsetting the radius of an inflated float tube bladder. Having the long-life rechargeable battery built into the whole unit is also extremely handy. It stays with your mounting gear and keeps your pockets free for your other gear and goodies you need when float tube fishing. “ “I have been using the Float Tube Fanatics mount for 2 years now, and I can’t imagine float tubing without it. It has become a necessity for me. It allows me to concentrate on fishing. I don’t worry about the transducer being set correctly, or if my control head will fall in the water like I once used to. There’s even a cable management solution built right in.” “If you are wanting to attach a fish finder to your float tube, look no further, the Float Tube Fanatics universal fish finder mounts are a must have. They have amazing – personal - customer service and their products are built to last.”

You may visit their websites and get your universal fish finder mounts today - here: & or give them a call Toll Free: 1-855-784-3474 Also look for them on YouTube ( ) and Facebook ( )to keep up to date with what new things they are up to: And tell them Jeff sent you ;) By: Jeff Bernier, founder of the “Float Tube Fishing Forum”