Rapid Release Showcase



I recently was fishing and with my second rod out as I was kicking throught the Harbor pitching into the docks when I got hit hard on my second rod.  With line screaming out I reached for my rod in the PVC rod holder was pinned in.  I tried to pull it out to set the hook but it would not come free as I struggled to get the rod out the line went limp and the fish of a life was gone. I am sure this is not an unfamilure story to most of us.  Well that issue has been solved for all of us fisherman, Rapid Release Fishing Rod Holders are here, do lose that fish of a life time every again. 

Float Tube Fishing Rod Holders

Our quick release fishing rod holders are the perfect fit for float tube fishing. Often times running with multiple rods and multiple baits our fishing rod holders allow you to increase your hook up rates with a simple easy to use system.

A unique two-piece hinged design lets the front half disengage when the rod comes in contact with the release lever. You set the hook and release the rod all in one motion. Setting the hook has never been this easy! Fiber infused resin provides for exceptional durability and multiple mounting options allow for seamless integration to your current fishing rig.rapid-release-fishing-rod-holders-300x182

Rapid Release Fishing Rod Holder Video