Teaching the next Gen

Teaching the Next Generation

We all meet up at about 8:30 am at a little after 9 we had 10 kids from the La Habra Summer camp show up eager to catch a fish. Well Flyfishingfool, GT, Casting Call and I got to work talking to the kids helping them to understand the sport of fishing. After a short talk we got the kids out on the water to practice casting. lesson was learned by myself spool all reals myself, don't use the the store bought rod and reels that come pre-spooled. So we had a lot of knotes to get out but we pushed on. Next set them up and do some bluegill fishing most of all kids caught fish and all had a lot of fun. So here are some pictures from GT of the day I will post some from my phone and my wifes. I would like to give a very big THANK YOU to Casting Call, GT and Flyfishingfool for all there help this never would have happened with out there help as well as everyone that donated to the cause.


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