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SmartBaits Fishing Lures


"Fish see color", said Smartbaits representative Michael Dingman "and the unique chemistry in Smartbaits lures imitate wounded bleeding prey fish changing color at different water temperatures and depths. Predator fish hone in on those colors of vulnerable or injured smaller fish and attack. Smartbaits incite that attack. In cold deep water or warm shallow water, just one Smartbaits lure will change colors from chartreuse to red or watermelon to june bug to attract more fish to strike."

Smartbaits is a fishing lure company with a unique revolutionary color changing technology offering an innovative solution to help anglers catch more fish. Using a patented color change technology that enables our fishing lures to change colors at different water temperatures.

When a Smartbaits lure is cast into the water and it moves through different temperature ranges it will change color, and this color change process is designed to alert fish that there is activity in the water Once the lure has fully changed color (a quick and continual process as the lure moves through different water temperatures) then it will appear to be wounded and bleeding and the fish will attack the lure.

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